Day 1

I’ve been overweight and unhealthy for a long time.  Today I decided to post my journey to share but mostly for me!

I’m not a writer or blogger but I’m excited to start my journey and record what I feel will help me move along and progress; besides I have plenty of free time since I’m single and don’t care to go out. This brings me to a delicate topic in life… LIFE… I haven’t been living it! I want to live it. I need to live it I deserve to LIVE!

As I move along in my journaling I hope to share my thoughts and feelings as this is VERY hard for me. I’m an independent strong woman EXCEPT in taking care of my health.  As I’m getting older I tend to keep more to myself-I’m more of a listener so I believe this is going to help me tremendously.

Fair warning,  I won’t be proof reading for proper English and punctuation; this journal is to help ME, MYSELF, and yes I, break down these brick walls that completely and immediately surround me!

photography of brickwall
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