A mile

.. I walked at lunch time!


Afternoon walk. Bottom- morning walk.
Morning walk 

Have to keep the momentum with homework later! Ugh I lost interest in school quickly. Coming up with a new plan to get shit done!!

No more couch and homework- cuz it’s rare I actually do it.  In sun room on bench. No tv- but music because I need that background. Let’s see how it goes.

I can do it! I will do it! I am doing it! 💪

Early morning workout


Ate crap all day yesterday so this morning workout

Loving my Versa Fitbit watch! It keeps me going!

Also, got some true wireless buds- air buds from Apple. They are awesome!

I’m wearing them now so no pics of the actual buds. But, if you’re like me apple buds always fall out.

I bought these silicone things to keep them in and wow a must buy!!


Make it a great day!