Today’s goals 🎯

I made all the goals except for the skin scrub which I’m shooting for tomorrow morning after my workout.

Made my step goal, posted my caloric intake and my homework goal accomplished  👍

I’m very pleased with today!




Saturday update

I made my 10,000 steps! Yes all greeen!

Didnt make all goals planned for today so have to finish my java coding tomorrow, which is the dead line.


I finally picked up dry erase markers to write all weekly tasks and assignments. Let’s see if this helps.


A plan

for my 2 classes, English and Java programming, I need to have a plan, a schedule!

Java class

Haha I obviously need the English class as I’m pretty sure that was a run on sentence. 🤷🏻‍♀️😜

In any case, my plan is to do a min of 4 hours of school work each day. This is easy now as I’m on vacation.

I’m documenting my time spent in each of my classes which helps a lot!

My documentation includes my surroundings and what’s going on around me to pinpoint the most efficient way to study. 📚

Last year I bought this awesome lap top for school. The only time I use it are for classes. I have just a few short months then I graduate! Maybe, I will start using it for my online journals. Right now I use my smart phone. Love technology!

My most effective  times are breaks at work and for an hour at home (after work) with the Tv on low for background noise. But, unfortunately I don’t usually do school work every day after work. This has to change for me to pass these classes!

Have to have the tv on low-

So, I’m doing it!! I find once I start, I get into it. Just need the initial push 📚

I got the white board idea from my English class, and will be setting timelines for my papers and projects due. 👊


Let’s do this!


I didn’t meet my weekend goals. It’s hard to post what I think is negative. But I know it’s not, it’s real life!

I have to remember I’m on here for me!!!


Ugh,  weekends are so tough. Hard habits to break. What seems easy and normal for other people is so hard for me!

But, I never give up!

When I don’t have my normal routine,  I fly off the rails. I’m on vacation this week, so putting effort into getting up and doing my workout then showering and trying to get out the door.

Early morning workout done!

Coco, Lets make it a great day. You can do it!

i will do it, I am doing it. 💪


Weekend goals

So, the  weekend is here and so isn’t my vacation.

Usually I slack on my goals over the weekends and week long vacations but I will make an effort to keep up my motivation!

I didn’t count calories yesterday and last night had tons of sugar. Today, my plan is NOT to eat junk food.

My weekend goals:

✔️ Hit 10,000 steps sat and sun

✔️ Count calories and record intake both days

✔️ Go food shopping

✔️ Make better eating choices BOTH sat and sun

✔️ Finish school work by end of Saturday


i can do it  I will do it  I am doing it 💪

smile  always smile  😊


Fitbit goals

ok, so I’m changing things up.

I’m going to be using Fitbit to track my calories, activity and weight loss instead of MyNetDiary.

I’m ready for this change. Usually I set my own calories and it’s not working like I would like.

So I’m going to do the recommendation.

-2 pounds per week.

I will be using Fitbit’s real time cal in and cal out. 1st goal is big. 19 lbs. 💪



I’m also going to be more conscious of my hourly activity as I have a desk job and I need to move around more.



Lets do this! 💪

My thoughts

Missed journaling yesterday. If I miss a day, it’s most likely because I reverted back to my old  habits.

No doubt bad habits are hard to break.

I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone. Actually I AM getting out of my comfort zone one day at a time.

Undoing years of hibernation and living in my own bubble.

Yesterday I got my oil change and new sticker.

adult auto automobile body


Met a friend at service to help her with her computer. During conversation she asked about the iPad.

So, after discussion I went to the store with her and helped pick out the pad she needed.

The old me would have said I have things to do, after sitting there for over 2 hours in service!

But, I went! 👍

She’s coming by my work on my lunch break so I can set it up for her. I’m not sure what she did lol.

She’s an old dedicated customer of mine when I had my own tech business so I’m doing this free of charge for her 🙂

I did a small workout this morning and now getting ready to go to shaws.

Haven’t been food shopping in weeks, months.

abundance agriculture bananas batch

I have a small list of what I’m going to purchase.

Basically, almond milk, eggs, bread, meat and spinach.

Then, outside to mow the lawn with the new 80 battery I had to buy for my lawn mower.


I did get mulch and lots of it lol! Not sure what I’m going to do with it since I have NO green thumb AT ALL.


Ok, this is enough of writing down my thoughts and doings for now.

Oh, one more thing. NO jury duty for me on Monday! Yes, I was so happy when they cancelled.

Off to start my day, out of my comfort zone 💪

Terrific Tuesday

Early morning workout done.

Just 7,000 more steps for goal


on another note..

back to school in 2 more weeks. 📚

Taking Java programming and an English / writing course with a lab  (yuck on this one)

I don’t like writing or expressing feelings and long drawn out shit lol!

I’ve never scored As on writing papers. Maybe, somehow this blogging will help 🤷🏻‍♀️

Make it a good day ☀️