Switched yesterday

ok.. so I finally gave in to the hype. I bought a Juul yesterday at 5:30 pm. NO MORE CIgs.

I did my research and it is better than smoking cigarettes as it’s all the chemicals “in cigarette smoke” that’s most harmful. Although, research did say there are unknowns on long term.

Vaping isn’t my lifestyle it’s a stepping stone to quitting smoking then eventually no devices or nicotine at all.

Other things haven’t worked for the long term so why not!

Have a blessed day!
Think it. Do it. Achieve it.

So much to achieve

wow this morning I sit on my couch having my coffee and watching my frog thinking … we (I’m) always looking to “better” myself. Become the person I want to be.  Be the person I want to be. That’s what I tell my grown kids. Be the person you want to be. Every day work at it. A little bit of work every day pays off, that’s for sure!!
I’ve been “working” on myself for years. I believe we all have room for growth and life teaches us lessons so we can grow from them.

Right now I’m working on being more analytical and less emotional.  Thinking before I speak. Wow these two things are so hard for me.

Anyway, I’m also working on other things like taking care of myself.
Got my hair colored ,highlights and cut yesterday! I feel great! Saturday getting eyelash lift and tint.  😍

Big new, today is day  1  to quitting those nasty  cigarettes.

I have a wellness coach I speak with once per week to guide me in this process of quitting for good!

And a deep breathe in. Thinking .. I’m in my last class before I graduate with my bachelors. Stick it out!! It’s almost done.

Positive thinking and always moving forward. Changing things up to get through the bumps.

Feeling good in this dreary rainy day! Nice I quit smoking in a day like this! Ha! Don’t have to go out in this crappy weather. Already a plus!!

I’m going through a process right now. It feels bigger than my normal “work at myself to be a better person”

I feel like I’m going through a metamorphosis.
Or could be a mid life crisis, as they say lol   😝 I’m at that age.
What ever it is , I’m embracing it!

Make it a great day!

21 day goal challenge Instead of 14

I decided to make it 21 days instead of 14 and adding less cigarettes to the daily goal challenge.

After these 21 days I hope to be a few pounds lighter and have 5 cigarettes less a day!


This morning’s walk

Doing good with my daily 1.5 mile walk 💪


Today’s step goal completed!


Tomorrow is day 4 and adding less cigarettes to my daily goal challenge  I can do it!  I am doing it! 👊




Saturday update

I made my 10,000 steps! Yes all greeen!

Didnt make all goals planned for today so have to finish my java coding tomorrow, which is the dead line.


I finally picked up dry erase markers to write all weekly tasks and assignments. Let’s see if this helps.


A plan

for my 2 classes, English and Java programming, I need to have a plan, a schedule!

Java class

Haha I obviously need the English class as I’m pretty sure that was a run on sentence. 🤷🏻‍♀️😜

In any case, my plan is to do a min of 4 hours of school work each day. This is easy now as I’m on vacation.

I’m documenting my time spent in each of my classes which helps a lot!

My documentation includes my surroundings and what’s going on around me to pinpoint the most efficient way to study. 📚

Last year I bought this awesome lap top for school. The only time I use it are for classes. I have just a few short months then I graduate! Maybe, I will start using it for my online journals. Right now I use my smart phone. Love technology!

My most effective  times are breaks at work and for an hour at home (after work) with the Tv on low for background noise. But, unfortunately I don’t usually do school work every day after work. This has to change for me to pass these classes!

Have to have the tv on low-

So, I’m doing it!! I find once I start, I get into it. Just need the initial push 📚

I got the white board idea from my English class, and will be setting timelines for my papers and projects due. 👊


Let’s do this!