feeling good! Have to remember this feeling for the lows.

Morning workout complete! Over 6,000 steps! Increased my goal to 11,000 steps. I’ve been just making 10,000 with my extra workout but have to keep pushing myself 💪

Walk at work
Strength training this morning for 20 mins then walk at work 🥅👍

It’s been a little while

I’ve been slacking on monitoring my food intake and posting my workouts.

I’ve been in a little slump lately but I’m climbing back out!  I never give up! I admit lately I’ve been lonely as I’ve been single for too long. It’s my own fault as I’ve been a hermit for years. I plan to change that in small moves. Why must I sabatoge myself? Not quite sure but I’m back. Will post my calorie intake later whether good or bad!

I also have a goal to do 1 hour of homework in my sunroom with no tv as compared to on the couch during commercials. I know what I need to do and have the tools just haven’t been wanting to.

My other goal today is also to do my skin routine, as it looks like hell right now.

Will check back tonight.

Make it a good one!

Smile. Always smile.


I didn’t meet my weekend goals. It’s hard to post what I think is negative. But I know it’s not, it’s real life!

I have to remember I’m on here for me!!!


Ugh,  weekends are so tough. Hard habits to break. What seems easy and normal for other people is so hard for me!

But, I never give up!

When I don’t have my normal routine,  I fly off the rails. I’m on vacation this week, so putting effort into getting up and doing my workout then showering and trying to get out the door.

Early morning workout done!

Coco, Lets make it a great day. You can do it!

i will do it, I am doing it. 💪


Morning routine

Did my workout! Love my early morning workouts.

Something about the early morning that’s addictive.




Speaking of addictive.

Oh my this game is very addictive 😱

I play it for a few minutes after my workout, on my breaks and at home 🤫 any chance I get lol



Let’s make it a great day! ☀️

Smile. Always smile.


Terrific Tuesday

Early morning workout done.

Just 7,000 more steps for goal


on another note..

back to school in 2 more weeks. 📚

Taking Java programming and an English / writing course with a lab  (yuck on this one)

I don’t like writing or expressing feelings and long drawn out shit lol!

I’ve never scored As on writing papers. Maybe, somehow this blogging will help 🤷🏻‍♀️

Make it a good day ☀️




Moving forward & Working for it

Smoking has been and is a huge part of my life.

I quit for 3 weeks then smoked a couple  of packs. Stopped for 3 days then bought a couple of packs. See where this is going?

As I write this I’m chewing nicotine gum.  It’s a new day and no cigarettes left.

Speaking of a new day, I had to block my ex last night. He’s an ex for a reason. I’m moving forward!

I need to start doing things differently in my life, so not to keep making the same mistakes like letting old friends (like my ex and shitty cigarettes) creep back in.

Its hard but every day I take a step to move forward…For some reason I sabatoge myself; because I know this, recovery comes sooner than later.

I am a strong woman 💪

I can do it. I will do it. I am doing it!

Make it a grea day! ☀️


Update wireless earbuds

they aren’t for me!

I wore them for a minute while cleaning my yard. I must have weird small ears because I’ve tried many and they don’t stay in.

These are a little better but I don’t like the feeling as they block out the outside word (if in right and tight).

So, I need to break my life streak of not returning anything because these were 150.00 and right now the budget is tight. The effort has to be made, back they go.

I will stick to my wireless over the head headphones! They were great while I mowed through the jungle!

On another note now my neighbors won’t kick me out of the neighborhood, lol,  because yard looks so much better. 👍

Just can’t have them over to see my back yard lol . 😩

It is a great feeling to have a mowed lawn free from weeds! I’ve been neglecting my yard every year but the new me isn’t going to let that happen. It’s great exercise and a natural feel good high.

This post is a little longer than the usual because I started this blog thing to help me express my feelings and today I’m doing that.

I’ve been fighting depression my whole life and I go through spurts of getting back on track. This time around I’ve stuck to taking care of myself a lot longer and not staying down when I feel down! 💪 I know I can do it! One day at a time!

Will update when I  return the buds back to Best Buy as that will be a big step for me!

Make it a good day!

Smile. Always smile!

I am doing it!