My early morning

woke up at my regular time, 3:45 am. Jumped right out of bed no snoozing.

Brought lucy, my pup out.

Had my regular coffee with collagen peptides and tumeric

Woke up with neck pain 😩

did 15 min light cardio with 3 sets leg extensions (12 reps)

let Rambo, my ferret out.

Used my microdermabrasion kit for 15 mins on face, neck and hands.

Time to get ready for work.

Make it a great day! ☀️

Smile always smile 😊


Hump day

Well not sure what my problem is. I’m tired so I keep snoozing and not doing my workouts.

I should be working through it, in just a minute of getting out of bed and starting the workout I would be fine. I would be up and doing it! I will do it! I can do it!

Yep.. I have them … here are my excuses.  I was thinking about a situation from earlier. Wah wah it’s not major in the scheme of my life and can’t change the way people think. Move on and focus on YOUR life.

Im tired from my anemia. Wah wah , I’m sure you had the anemia before you were diagnosed. Stop bitching and complaining and making excuses! Forget about it. Just do it! 💪

But, what I find is that I’m starting to get used to snoozing and rolling out of bed an hour later!

Tracey, you can do it! You are a STRONG woman! Fight it, get up and kick ass!

smile always smile! 😊☀️

Lets make it a great day!


I’m happy with today’s caloric  intake!


Update on goals:

✔️ Counting calories and documenting all foods in my app

✔️Taking iron pill every other day

❌ not reaching 10,000 steps min 3x per week

❌ not working out min 5x per week

❌ (cigarettes) cheated and smoked this past weekend but have been chewing the nicotine gum. I like to torture myself lol I havent smoked in over 3 weeks then I just decided to over this past weeeknd because “I deserve to” “I’m home by myself” “it’s my friend” “I’m lonely”

at least I’m aware of how I sabatouge myself.. it’s the first step. Now working on the next steps. It’s a process, my process.

Smile  always smile!



even though I have a home gym I’m looking for an outside gym to go to a couple days of week to get out of this house.

Visited one this morning. It was ok. All I could think of were the sweaty people who’ve used the equipment before me. I’m sure I will get over it.

I’m not making a decision until October- when a new gym opens in the city. It looks promising.

Im looking for early open on the weekends with classes.

On a side note, i HAVENT been keeping my goals. I’ve smoked and ate shit food for the past couple of days.

Back at my routine tomorrow! Depression is hard to beat. Sometimes I struggle but I get right back up!

Smile! Always let them see you smile!

The purple gym.
Treadmill – I worked up a sweat

Up the ante

It’s time to up the ante!


Goals I’ve obtained: 

✔️ Stop smoking cigarettes

✔️ Incorporate weight training into my exercise routine

✔️ Start daily blog to hold myself accountable


Goals to incorporate along with the established:

1. Daily food intake diary, as I don’t do it daily. 


2. Hit 10,000 steps at least 3 days per week. Now I hit maybe 7,000. 

Tuesday recap

I’m changing my life!


Had a great day at work. I feel good today 😊👍

– Took my collagen peptides and tumeric this morning, with my coffee of course.

– bought some over the counter iron,  SlowFE , because of my IBS. Will start with 1 pill every other day.

– been cigarette free for over 2 weeks! 👊


Here are my stats

Total calories - MyNetDiary


Total - Fitbit
Total steps