Tuesday recap

I’m changing my life!


Had a great day at work. I feel good today 😊👍

– Took my collagen peptides and tumeric this morning, with my coffee of course.

– bought some over the counter iron,  SlowFE , because of my IBS. Will start with 1 pill every other day.

– been cigarette free for over 2 weeks! 👊


Here are my stats

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Day 7

7:40 am Just rolled out of bed- which is not ordinary. Even on the weekends I’m up by 5 am, but I made it a point to stay up late last night and enjoy the sleep in.

Had my collagen peptides (2nd day)  and tumeric (been taking for a few months already) in my morning coffee.

collagen peptides
Improve skin, hair, bones and joints? Let’s see!

I do have IBS, and can be sensitive to new things but so far I’m ok with the collagen in my coffee.

On another subject, I want to have a cigarette. I’m sure most of my “craving” is habit, a crutch. I have today off and that’s what I do. Smoke! But not anymore, being a non- smoker is part of MY NEW LIFE! 🚭

I can do it! I will do it! I am doing it! 💪

Day 5

i don’t have bicep tendonitis – well at least not from weight training 🤪

As I was laying in bed last night, sleepless, and in pain, it came to me I had a shot. I had an immunization in that same arm 3 days ago! Phew, relief! I can go back to my workouts.

Dear doc, don’t ya think you should have warned me about this pain I may get after the shot? I read it can last up to 7 days!

My body is extra sensitive to pain and inflammation, so I’m not surprised by the terrible pain from the shot but if I would have known I would have said forget the Tdap!

Anyway, no workout this morning. Had my coffee with a tbsp of collagen peptides!

Lets make it a great day! 😃

Day 4 recap

Arm is sore, well painful. Iced and took IB X 3 It’s going to be tough not to do my normal workout tomorrow morning.

IBS acted up today 😩 it was a rough couple of hours.

– over on calories and carbs  👎 BUT I tracked! I’m proud of myself for doing that!

Picked up some collagen peptides. Look it up!

collagen peptides
Improve skin, hair, bones, joints and gut?  I’m willing to try it!



No cigarettes 👏(July 15, 2018)  or patches! Chewing the gum, doing great! Will start to be mindful of when I choose to chew the gum.  Skin looking better already! 🍑


Overall, a good day.