Made goal


Now trying to finish up homework.  Submitted my English essay, now have to finish this week’s java assignment. Ughh I was hoping to get it all done tonight, but not sure.

Smile.  Always smile

Oh and I got a new Fitbit- versa! Will post a pic of it tomorrow.



A plan

for my 2 classes, English and Java programming, I need to have a plan, a schedule!

Java class

Haha I obviously need the English class as I’m pretty sure that was a run on sentence. 🤷🏻‍♀️😜

In any case, my plan is to do a min of 4 hours of school work each day. This is easy now as I’m on vacation.

I’m documenting my time spent in each of my classes which helps a lot!

My documentation includes my surroundings and what’s going on around me to pinpoint the most efficient way to study. 📚

Last year I bought this awesome lap top for school. The only time I use it are for classes. I have just a few short months then I graduate! Maybe, I will start using it for my online journals. Right now I use my smart phone. Love technology!

My most effective  times are breaks at work and for an hour at home (after work) with the Tv on low for background noise. But, unfortunately I don’t usually do school work every day after work. This has to change for me to pass these classes!

Have to have the tv on low-

So, I’m doing it!! I find once I start, I get into it. Just need the initial push 📚

I got the white board idea from my English class, and will be setting timelines for my papers and projects due. 👊


Let’s do this!

Terrific Tuesday

Early morning workout done.

Just 7,000 more steps for goal


on another note..

back to school in 2 more weeks. 📚

Taking Java programming and an English / writing course with a lab  (yuck on this one)

I don’t like writing or expressing feelings and long drawn out shit lol!

I’ve never scored As on writing papers. Maybe, somehow this blogging will help 🤷🏻‍♀️

Make it a good day ☀️