Ahh 💪✔️

Work out done. Felt good as it’s been a while.
My smoking cessation class is this afternoon. I have to come clean with the group as I haven’t stuck to my plan but I never give up!!

On a more positive note, I got into the masters program for health informatics.
Now I just need to pass this last course I’m in for my bachelors. I hate challenge based classes! You basically teach yourself. 🧐

make it a good day. I always try.

Start the week off strong

Going into work with a positive attitude!
IM not feeling like myself  could be perimenopause  or just could be I’m feeling off kilter because I haven’t been doing my school work and my daily workouts

im fighting to get my mojo back

life is strange! Life is unpredictable and full of ups and downs  but I know I have  it in me to keep my head up high! I’m my worst enemy.