Inca is back

finally… I worked hard to get her back today!


She ran away over night as you can see below.


What i did to get her back.





My new Fitbit versa is great! It costs 200.00 but well worth it!

The Versa is motivating me to do my hourly steps and be more active.

I had a charge 2 and wasn’t receiving the hourly notifications to get up and move so bought the Versa and it’s on target 🎯

Also did a Fitbit coach workout and it shows right up on the device.

Below is a snapshot after completing the workouts. Then it syncs with the Fitbit app.

I did a 7 min workout from the watch. Then a “weights” workout that I created. It cues every 2 mins; meaning I did the strength training for 2 mins. Then vibrated- and I did a 2 min cardio workout- then repeat until I end the workout. 

I contacted Fitbit as it shouldn’t have pace for a  “Weights” workout. None the less it still cool!

I also have a virtual cat that I have to feed, walk and take care of. If I don’t complete my hourly steps and goal it leaves me. Lol

Here it is. It left me already 😦 now I have to keep feeding it until it comes back.

I will get a pic of it when it comes back!

Make it a great day!