12,000 steps ✔️

I wouldn’t have thought 2 months ago that I would be making 12,000 steps 5 days per week!

i get up at 3:30 am every morning to get my 2 miles in before work. I also do a 20 min strength training workout in the am!

Love it!

2 miles done 👍

Today’s calories within budget


21 day goal challenge Instead of 14

I decided to make it 21 days instead of 14 and adding less cigarettes to the daily goal challenge.

After these 21 days I hope to be a few pounds lighter and have 5 cigarettes less a day!


This morning’s walk

Doing good with my daily 1.5 mile walk 💪


Today’s step goal completed!


Tomorrow is day 4 and adding less cigarettes to my daily goal challenge  I can do it!  I am doing it! 👊