… on my way!

Got some great steppage in today even though I didn’t work out this morning.

Walked at lunch time 👍

Great area  to walk


Did a job today – tested a website.

Hoping to gain experience and get good at it to make a secondary income being a website tester. 🥇

School work going good  staying on top of it! 🎯


So hard

… to get back on track after vacation.

I haven’t worked out, watched what I ate, or counted calories!

I have been taking all my vitamins and supplements, which is great! Can’t skip those or I fall apart

Here are a few of many I take. Since I have an unhealthy diet I take didferent vitamins which helps! If I don’t take them I feel awful. The zantrex keeps me focused. Started those a few weeks ago. Take 1-2 a day. That’s not the healthiest but it works for me.


Come on coco, you can do it.

I know you can do it!!