Not used to tragedy

It’s been years since I’ve had a tragedy in my life. Ive always lived in my own bubble, so when it came knocking I had a hard time coping.
I consider myself a strong woman but you don’t realize how weak you are until something awful hits you in the face.
For the past few weeks, my son has been struggling and it came to a head almost a week ago.
Thank god for my older son who has been a rock! He stepped up! Which helps me feel stronger.
It’s a long road Ahead but I’m learning to cope adapt and stay strong 💪

Keep it positive!

Back to square 1 on my health

I’ve had many positive changes in the past 6 months.
Move rekindled a past relationships which has awakened my spirit.
I’ve had my job position change- which is ok but I don’t love my job like I did. I will be working on loving it again as it pays the bills and I strive to be happy. That’s another post.
My home has changed as it’s filled with life but one thing that has declined is my health as I’m not exercising as I was. Also, smoking more. No reason why, just feel comfortable I guess.
That’s why I’m back in here to document my health change again.
Getting back into exercise and more importantly eating better. I haven’t checked my blood sugars which I know has been high because of all the sweets I eat.
This is cathartic, wringing in my online journal and keeping myself accountable via the world, for you to see.
I, also, haven’t been doing my work for my last class in my degree program. Why? Idk. Laziness, or maybe because the goal is right there?

i have all day today to catch up on a weeks worth of homework and it’s taking all my strength to concentrate on it.
On that note I need to go and start!
Be back soon with the results for today’s goals.

Last week stats

looking good.

Only a few days left in the 21 day goal.

Overall, no too bad. Weekends are the toughest for me! All around 👎 but I don’t let that get me down!

My goal is to lose 7 pounds in the next 10 days.

Ican do it!


Smile. Always 😊

Saturday update

I made my 10,000 steps! Yes all greeen!

Didnt make all goals planned for today so have to finish my java coding tomorrow, which is the dead line.


I finally picked up dry erase markers to write all weekly tasks and assignments. Let’s see if this helps.


Back to work


Vacation is over. It was ok. Rainy but ok.

Did good with my English and Java classes. Not so good with eating right and exersising.

Looking forward to my routine.

I do have to go by a store and pick up what I ordered – that will be out of my routine- which is good. So hopefully I don’t chicken out.

Also need some white board markers.

Past couple of days I’ve been thinking about work and a coworker I can’t stand sometimes and another, well that’s all for now! but I will be following my own advice.

Speaking of work, I had a dream that was exciting but then sad. The man in my dream loved me and made me happy until he met a partner and decided to leave me. Lmao I don’t care to know the meaning. Usually I don’t remember my dreams. I hope tonight’s a good dream with a happy ending.

Smile. Always smile.