i returned the wireless headphones. I never return things. 👍 good job.

Then… went and got my eye brows threaded (I have to redo but that’s besides the point). I always come home after work and stay in. Good job 👍

I didn’t make my goal of 10,000 steps but I’m still happy with it.

Not goal but still happy with it 💪

ok, the bad news. I ate over my 1,200 cal budget. Dr. Now won’t be happy. Boo. 👎

For dinner I gave in and ate KFC

Tomorrow I need to have a good workout!

Make it a great night!


No workout. Kept hitting snooze, which truly isn’t me but meh, I made it through the day fine!

Tomorrow, I have to make it a point to wake up at my normal 3:45am and get it done! 💪

I know I will feel so much better afterwards. ☀️👊🌈☄️🏋🏼‍♂️🎽🥊🏅

Calorie intake was good.


Blah day recap

Most of the day I felt awful, not myself. I refuse to place how I felt in black and white on here or anywhere …. to go out to the universe.

On another note….

…..Tomorrow is a new day! 🌞

Today’s stats

Fitbit blah day
No workout this morning
Good in calories
Dinner was a poor choice but overall good calorie count

For dinner I had a cheeseburger and a med fry instead of a double cheese, large fry and a double hot fudge Sundae. Yes I’m doing it! One day, one food choice at a time!

Make it a great night!

Monday morning blah

Woke up feeling blah! Didn’t do my workout.

I didn’t get a good night sleep, happens a lot on Sundays.

Even though I’m starting my day out blah and not feeling it at all, I’m going to make it a great day!

I can do it. I will do it. I am doing it.