Cals and steps for day

Not at goal for steps but getting there  I will take it. Will try to aim for 4,000 steps in my morning workout- which will bring me closer to goal 💪


I will take it


Calories in not good. Have to work on dinners.



Now time for some light therapy

Light therapy


i returned the wireless headphones. I never return things. 👍 good job.

Then… went and got my eye brows threaded (I have to redo but that’s besides the point). I always come home after work and stay in. Good job 👍

I didn’t make my goal of 10,000 steps but I’m still happy with it.

Not goal but still happy with it 💪

ok, the bad news. I ate over my 1,200 cal budget. Dr. Now won’t be happy. Boo. 👎

For dinner I gave in and ate KFC

Tomorrow I need to have a good workout!

Make it a great night!


I’m happy with today’s caloric  intake!


Update on goals:

✔️ Counting calories and documenting all foods in my app

✔️Taking iron pill every other day

❌ not reaching 10,000 steps min 3x per week

❌ not working out min 5x per week

❌ (cigarettes) cheated and smoked this past weekend but have been chewing the nicotine gum. I like to torture myself lol I havent smoked in over 3 weeks then I just decided to over this past weeeknd because “I deserve to” “I’m home by myself” “it’s my friend” “I’m lonely”

at least I’m aware of how I sabatouge myself.. it’s the first step. Now working on the next steps. It’s a process, my process.

Smile  always smile!


True life experience

👍 no muffin for breakfast. No hot fudge sundae with McDonald’s dinner (which I usually get)! No cigarettes! Been craving! Ughhh. But didn’t have!!

👎 forgot to take iron pill. Didn’t work out. Had  McDonald’s for dinner. Didn’t feel like wearing my Fitbit

I had a good day. Moving on from the negatives. Smiling. Always smile. Fake it till you make it!!

Not bad. I will take it!