Killing morning workouts

Walk at work
My two morning workouts. 20 mins weights and walk


Yesterday  I met all hourly goals! And I went to a friends house after work for a couple of hours to concentrate on school work. First time in a very long time I went out after work!! I’m proud of myself!




It’s been a little while

I’ve been slacking on monitoring my food intake and posting my workouts.

I’ve been in a little slump lately but I’m climbing back out!  I never give up! I admit lately I’ve been lonely as I’ve been single for too long. It’s my own fault as I’ve been a hermit for years. I plan to change that in small moves. Why must I sabatoge myself? Not quite sure but I’m back. Will post my calorie intake later whether good or bad!

I also have a goal to do 1 hour of homework in my sunroom with no tv as compared to on the couch during commercials. I know what I need to do and have the tools just haven’t been wanting to.

My other goal today is also to do my skin routine, as it looks like hell right now.

Will check back tonight.

Make it a good one!

Smile. Always smile.

Good morning

Sitting on the porch with my pup, drinking coffee and playing a game.

Love early mornings

Morning workout done 💪

Who needs a treadmill; I walk in my house.


It’s been a few months since I sat on my bike. Was totally bored with it. That’s why I got a weight bench.

Today did 7 mins on the bike!



I’m very fortunate for what I have and every morning I thank god.

Those in the path of the hurricane are in my thoughts and prayers.

A moment of silence. 9/11 remembrance.


I didn’t meet my weekend goals. It’s hard to post what I think is negative. But I know it’s not, it’s real life!

I have to remember I’m on here for me!!!


Ugh,  weekends are so tough. Hard habits to break. What seems easy and normal for other people is so hard for me!

But, I never give up!

When I don’t have my normal routine,  I fly off the rails. I’m on vacation this week, so putting effort into getting up and doing my workout then showering and trying to get out the door.

Early morning workout done!

Coco, Lets make it a great day. You can do it!

i will do it, I am doing it. 💪


Weekend goals

So, the  weekend is here and so isn’t my vacation.

Usually I slack on my goals over the weekends and week long vacations but I will make an effort to keep up my motivation!

I didn’t count calories yesterday and last night had tons of sugar. Today, my plan is NOT to eat junk food.

My weekend goals:

✔️ Hit 10,000 steps sat and sun

✔️ Count calories and record intake both days

✔️ Go food shopping

✔️ Make better eating choices BOTH sat and sun

✔️ Finish school work by end of Saturday


i can do it  I will do it  I am doing it 💪

smile  always smile  😊


A spy

outside my sunroom sliding door. Well hello there.



Had a great early morning workout.


Skipped my lunch walk as I wanted to get started in my 2 classes: English and Java programming.

Now I have to switch my routine around and make time for reading and homework after work. This will be hard but I’m going to do it!

I can do it! 💪 I wil do it. I am doing it.

Until tonorrow morning.

Smile, always smile.