I didn’t meet my weekend goals. It’s hard to post what I think is negative. But I know it’s not, it’s real life!

I have to remember I’m on here for me!!!


Ugh,  weekends are so tough. Hard habits to break. What seems easy and normal for other people is so hard for me!

But, I never give up!

When I don’t have my normal routine,  I fly off the rails. I’m on vacation this week, so putting effort into getting up and doing my workout then showering and trying to get out the door.

Early morning workout done!

Coco, Lets make it a great day. You can do it!

i will do it, I am doing it. 💪


Blah day recap

Most of the day I felt awful, not myself. I refuse to place how I felt in black and white on here or anywhere …. to go out to the universe.

On another note….

…..Tomorrow is a new day! 🌞

Today’s stats

Fitbit blah day
No workout this morning
Good in calories
Dinner was a poor choice but overall good calorie count

For dinner I had a cheeseburger and a med fry instead of a double cheese, large fry and a double hot fudge Sundae. Yes I’m doing it! One day, one food choice at a time!

Make it a great night!

Day 7 recap

It was boring, didn’t and don’t want to do anything today. Not one of my best days, but not one of the worst either!

No cigarettes! I’m proud. Very proud! 2 weeks have gone by without one.

Now, going to put my clothes in the dryer, watch more tv then bed VERY shortly.

I look forward to my work day tomorrow as it brings me routine. I wake up at 3:45 am to workout before I start my work day and it feels great.

Little by little in doing it, I’m changinf my life.

I know I can do it! I will do it! I am doing it!