Moving forward & Working for it

Smoking has been and is a huge part of my life.

I quit for 3 weeks then smoked a couple  of packs. Stopped for 3 days then bought a couple of packs. See where this is going?

As I write this I’m chewing nicotine gum.  It’s a new day and no cigarettes left.

Speaking of a new day, I had to block my ex last night. He’s an ex for a reason. I’m moving forward!

I need to start doing things differently in my life, so not to keep making the same mistakes like letting old friends (like my ex and shitty cigarettes) creep back in.

Its hard but every day I take a step to move forward…For some reason I sabatoge myself; because I know this, recovery comes sooner than later.

I am a strong woman 💪

I can do it. I will do it. I am doing it!

Make it a grea day! ☀️



Dating myself 

There just something about taking care of yourself. 

I’m single and have been for quite a few years. I’ve dated here and there but nothing worth writing about. It’s usually when I’m on the dating scene, I shave (gulp), make better eating choices and overall take better care of myself. But the last couple of months I’ve started a new skin care regimen, bought new clothes and yes started taking care of myself physically and boy it FEELS GOOD! 

When I get into my depressions I have to look back on this entry to remind myself to take steps, baby steps to get back to believing I’m worth it!