Day 3 Recap

Stats aren’t great but aren’t bad either.

I missed my workout this morning and I believe it had a small, neg impact on my day.

With that being said I look forward to my workout tomorrow morning. (Ok not as much as I should be lol, my friend isn’t being kind).

1st day not wearing a patch since I quit smoking over a week ago. It was fine!

Working on quitting the nicotine gum now.

Bed early tonight! 🌙


A Bust

Dinner was a bust but I know I can’t change every meal over night.

The good news is I didn’t have that muffin this morning!

-extra steps after dinner done. I read today that 10 mins of walking after every meal is better than a daily 30 min walk to lower fasting blood sugars. It will be interesting when I check tomorrow morning as I had over 100 g of carbs for dinner alone. Ya ya I know. Don’t judge.

Did 15 mins of walking, post dinner (in house) gained a couple thousand more steps!



My blood sugars have been higher than usual- I took off the nictotine patch as nicotine raises my blood sugars.

My BS was 165 post lunch. I know they have been higher past few weeks but I’m working on lowering my sugar levels! I use my net diary to count calories and macro nutrients. I get a ball park figure on my carbs.  It’s a great app!


Anyway back to the nicotine… I used the patch for a week and with my determination, I don’t see the need to keep continuing. I have quit cold turkey in the past and the first week was always the worst. I’ve gone back to smoking because I wanted to… I missed it. IT was my best friend. No more! I’M my new best friend!

Looking forward to lower boood sugars and better health! One meal, day, and habit at a time. I can do it!


Dating myself 

There just something about taking care of yourself. 

I’m single and have been for quite a few years. I’ve dated here and there but nothing worth writing about. It’s usually when I’m on the dating scene, I shave (gulp), make better eating choices and overall take better care of myself. But the last couple of months I’ve started a new skin care regimen, bought new clothes and yes started taking care of myself physically and boy it FEELS GOOD! 

When I get into my depressions I have to look back on this entry to remind myself to take steps, baby steps to get back to believing I’m worth it! 

Day 2

Woke up feeling tired and sluggish. Pretty sure the weather has a great affect,

but I did do  my workout! 💪


Fasting BS: 135. Just a few shower weeks ago it would be around 110. My body starting to shut down.  Last night 1.5 post it was 256!  I admit I haven’t been testing so these numbers are shocking me. Feet (toes )hurting more.

“I can do it!” I will take care of myself! I WILL improve my health!

Day 9- no cigarettes!  Smoking DOES raise blood sugars.

I will NOT have a muffin (again) for breakfast this morning   I can do it! 💪 I AM strong!