Day 7

7:40 am Just rolled out of bed- which is not ordinary. Even on the weekends I’m up by 5 am, but I made it a point to stay up late last night and enjoy the sleep in.

Had my collagen peptides (2nd day)  and tumeric (been taking for a few months already) in my morning coffee.

collagen peptides
Improve skin, hair, bones and joints? Let’s see!

I do have IBS, and can be sensitive to new things but so far I’m ok with the collagen in my coffee.

On another subject, I want to have a cigarette. I’m sure most of my “craving” is habit, a crutch. I have today off and that’s what I do. Smoke! But not anymore, being a non- smoker is part of MY NEW LIFE! 🚭

I can do it! I will do it! I am doing it! 💪

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