Day 4 recap

Arm is sore, well painful. Iced and took IB X 3 It’s going to be tough not to do my normal workout tomorrow morning.

IBS acted up today 😩 it was a rough couple of hours.

– over on calories and carbs  👎 BUT I tracked! I’m proud of myself for doing that!

Picked up some collagen peptides. Look it up!

collagen peptides
Improve skin, hair, bones, joints and gut?  I’m willing to try it!



No cigarettes 👏(July 15, 2018)  or patches! Chewing the gum, doing great! Will start to be mindful of when I choose to chew the gum.  Skin looking better already! 🍑


Overall, a good day.

Some results 👎

  • 6.7  A1C a little higher👎
  • 209 total chol a little lower 👍
  • 38 DHDL low👎
  • 146 LDL CHOL  same
  • FE 35, lower 👎
  • %sat 8, lower 👎

Next time these numbers will be better!

Note to self: more red meat, spinach, chickpeas, Quinoa ,  pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate

Make note: “Foods that are a good source of iron contain at least 10 percent of the daily value for iron, and for a food to be high in iron it should contain at least 20 percent of the DV.” Source: