Great workout this morning.  Feeling good!! Yessaaa!

Note: My regiment skincare is working;  my face feels soft and smooth 🐣

Let’s bang out this day!


You need loud music to have a great workout  well I do!! 🎶

4 am workout

Tdap- never again

Oh my, this morning I’m achy all over! I’m very tired and sluggish 🙁. Note to self: don’t everything take that shot again!

3 days later, I still have the PAIN in my arm and now I have other symptoms. I want my bed, but I’m at work fighting through this.

I can do it!

Day 5

i don’t have bicep tendonitis – well at least not from weight training 🤪

As I was laying in bed last night, sleepless, and in pain, it came to me I had a shot. I had an immunization in that same arm 3 days ago! Phew, relief! I can go back to my workouts.

Dear doc, don’t ya think you should have warned me about this pain I may get after the shot? I read it can last up to 7 days!

My body is extra sensitive to pain and inflammation, so I’m not surprised by the terrible pain from the shot but if I would have known I would have said forget the Tdap!

Anyway, no workout this morning. Had my coffee with a tbsp of collagen peptides!

Lets make it a great day! 😃