feeling good! Have to remember this feeling for the lows.

Morning workout complete! Over 6,000 steps! Increased my goal to 11,000 steps. I’ve been just making 10,000 with my extra workout but have to keep pushing myself 💪

Walk at work
Strength training this morning for 20 mins then walk at work 🥅👍

Morning routine

Did my workout! Love my early morning workouts.

Something about the early morning that’s addictive.




Speaking of addictive.

Oh my this game is very addictive 😱

I play it for a few minutes after my workout, on my breaks and at home 🤫 any chance I get lol



Let’s make it a great day! ☀️

Smile. Always smile.


Terrific Tuesday

Early morning workout done.

Just 7,000 more steps for goal


on another note..

back to school in 2 more weeks. 📚

Taking Java programming and an English / writing course with a lab  (yuck on this one)

I don’t like writing or expressing feelings and long drawn out shit lol!

I’ve never scored As on writing papers. Maybe, somehow this blogging will help 🤷🏻‍♀️

Make it a good day ☀️





I slipped this evening and had 4 cigs. But for my psyche I can’t count it as starting over again. Why did I do it? Habit. Loneliness. I’m lonely. I don’t like to talk much about my personal life but there it is.

On a good note I exercised! Got my steps in! Gooaalll!!

fitbit goal


I have a stomachache because of the shitty gorge from last night; so didn’t eat all calories today.

mynet diary- Saturday
Saturday calories

Day 13

30 min workout done 💪

Fitbit 1 Saturday  morning
30 min weight training with light cardio 💪

feeling bloated this morning. Why? As I’m watching tv last night I had this over whelming urge to smoke! Ughh, I didn’t. I went to my second vice… junk food! Pint of Ben n Jerry’s ice cream with peanut mms. Yep! I did but you know what I’m def not beating myself up. Why? Because normally, A short 3 weeks ago, I would have smoked and ate that sugar shit food! So I’m doing it!!