My new Fitbit versa is great! It costs 200.00 but well worth it!

The Versa is motivating me to do my hourly steps and be more active.

I had a charge 2 and wasn’t receiving the hourly notifications to get up and move so bought the Versa and it’s on target 🎯

Also did a Fitbit coach workout and it shows right up on the device.

Below is a snapshot after completing the workouts. Then it syncs with the Fitbit app.

I did a 7 min workout from the watch. Then a “weights” workout that I created. It cues every 2 mins; meaning I did the strength training for 2 mins. Then vibrated- and I did a 2 min cardio workout- then repeat until I end the workout. 

I contacted Fitbit as it shouldn’t have pace for a  “Weights” workout. None the less it still cool!

I also have a virtual cat that I have to feed, walk and take care of. If I don’t complete my hourly steps and goal it leaves me. Lol

Here it is. It left me already 😦 now I have to keep feeding it until it comes back.

I will get a pic of it when it comes back!

Make it a great day!

Not giving up

Early morning workout

I refuse to give up on myself.

I like to self sabatoge. Don’t know why. Maybe I’m afraid of change. Because getting healthy will change my life and then I won’t have any excuses to enjoy my life.

I’ve lived in my own bubble for years now.

My affirmation. I’m worth it. I deserve to be happy!

Today’s workout was light.

100 pulls on rower.

miss this fat burning machine


Arms and legs

12-15 reps.  3 sets.  Upper and lower


then… cleaned their cages

Simone (top, guinea pig )and Rambo, my ferret  


… over 8,000. Not bad since I didn’t work out this morning.

Not sure why I skip lots of Monday’s.

Walked for about 20 mins at lunch time today to make  up the steps. Happy with today.

Caloroes In is on target!! Drinking more water



Took some “before” pictures as I want to document my progress. Not as bad as I thought it would be. My plan is to take pics every month.

I’m back ast it! Let’s get it! 🎯

I’m determined to lose weight, I will always get back up!

😊 always smile

Saturday update

I made my 10,000 steps! Yes all greeen!

Didnt make all goals planned for today so have to finish my java coding tomorrow, which is the dead line.


I finally picked up dry erase markers to write all weekly tasks and assignments. Let’s see if this helps.