I’m happy with today’s caloric  intake!


Update on goals:

✔️ Counting calories and documenting all foods in my app

✔️Taking iron pill every other day

❌ not reaching 10,000 steps min 3x per week

❌ not working out min 5x per week

❌ (cigarettes) cheated and smoked this past weekend but have been chewing the nicotine gum. I like to torture myself lol I havent smoked in over 3 weeks then I just decided to over this past weeeknd because “I deserve to” “I’m home by myself” “it’s my friend” “I’m lonely”

at least I’m aware of how I sabatouge myself.. it’s the first step. Now working on the next steps. It’s a process, my process.

Smile  always smile!


Not sure

not sure what’s happening. This is the third day I missed my workout. Of course I have excuses. The main one is tiredness.

I’v been feeling tired; usually I just jump out of bed and go do my work out at 3:45 am every morning.

Lately I’ve been snoozing and resetting alarm to 5.

Can be my anemia.

I missed 1 or two iron pills from my schedule but I’m tryimg to stick to every other day.

I will work through it! 💪 I won’t give up.

I have this weekend off  and my plan is to do yard work! It looks like a jungle out there.

Smile. Always smile! 😊

lets make it a great day!

Tuesday recap

I’m changing my life!


Had a great day at work. I feel good today 😊👍

– Took my collagen peptides and tumeric this morning, with my coffee of course.

– bought some over the counter iron,  SlowFE , because of my IBS. Will start with 1 pill every other day.

– been cigarette free for over 2 weeks! 👊


Here are my stats

Total calories - MyNetDiary


Total - Fitbit
Total steps



Some results 👎

  • 6.7  A1C a little higher👎
  • 209 total chol a little lower 👍
  • 38 DHDL low👎
  • 146 LDL CHOL  same
  • FE 35, lower 👎
  • %sat 8, lower 👎

Next time these numbers will be better!

Note to self: more red meat, spinach, chickpeas, Quinoa ,  pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate

Make note: “Foods that are a good source of iron contain at least 10 percent of the daily value for iron, and for a food to be high in iron it should contain at least 20 percent of the DV.” Source: