Update wireless earbuds

they aren’t for me!

I wore them for a minute while cleaning my yard. I must have weird small ears because I’ve tried many and they don’t stay in.

These are a little better but I don’t like the feeling as they block out the outside word (if in right and tight).

So, I need to break my life streak of not returning anything because these were 150.00 and right now the budget is tight. The effort has to be made, back they go.

I will stick to my wireless over the head headphones! They were great while I mowed through the jungle!

On another note now my neighbors won’t kick me out of the neighborhood, lol,  because yard looks so much better. 👍

Just can’t have them over to see my back yard lol . 😩

It is a great feeling to have a mowed lawn free from weeds! I’ve been neglecting my yard every year but the new me isn’t going to let that happen. It’s great exercise and a natural feel good high.

This post is a little longer than the usual because I started this blog thing to help me express my feelings and today I’m doing that.

I’ve been fighting depression my whole life and I go through spurts of getting back on track. This time around I’ve stuck to taking care of myself a lot longer and not staying down when I feel down! 💪 I know I can do it! One day at a time!

Will update when I  return the buds back to Best Buy as that will be a big step for me!

Make it a good day!

Smile. Always smile!

I am doing it!