Hump day

Well not sure what my problem is. I’m tired so I keep snoozing and not doing my workouts.

I should be working through it, in just a minute of getting out of bed and starting the workout I would be fine. I would be up and doing it! I will do it! I can do it!

Yep.. I have them … here are my excuses.  I was thinking about a situation from earlier. Wah wah it’s not major in the scheme of my life and can’t change the way people think. Move on and focus on YOUR life.

Im tired from my anemia. Wah wah , I’m sure you had the anemia before you were diagnosed. Stop bitching and complaining and making excuses! Forget about it. Just do it! 💪

But, what I find is that I’m starting to get used to snoozing and rolling out of bed an hour later!

Tracey, you can do it! You are a STRONG woman! Fight it, get up and kick ass!

smile always smile! 😊☀️

Lets make it a great day!