Truly wireless ear buds

ive tried many ear buds including wireless and never found a comfortable pair that actually stood in my ears.

I’m feeling hopeful about the pair I purchased today!

tomorrow will be the true test when I use them to clean my yard for an hour or so.

My early morning

woke up at my regular time, 3:45 am. Jumped right out of bed no snoozing.

Brought lucy, my pup out.

Had my regular coffee with collagen peptides and tumeric

Woke up with neck pain 😩

did 15 min light cardio with 3 sets leg extensions (12 reps)

let Rambo, my ferret out.

Used my microdermabrasion kit for 15 mins on face, neck and hands.

Time to get ready for work.

Make it a great day! ☀️

Smile always smile 😊