Enjoying the breeze

I don’t get much of a chance during the summer to open the windows and enjoy the weather.

Sun room

This morning I can; I have my windows open and enjoying the breeze in the sunroom until it gets too hot.

Sun room
Feels so nice

I’m having a fantastic, productive day!! I feel great and accomplished.🌈

Went to shaws. Did some yard and house work, washing clothes now sitting and relaxing.

I’ve worked hard all my life and I’m fortunate to be enjoying all my hard work now.

Make it a great day!

My thoughts

Missed journaling yesterday. If I miss a day, it’s most likely because I reverted back to my old  habits.

No doubt bad habits are hard to break.

I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone. Actually I AM getting out of my comfort zone one day at a time.

Undoing years of hibernation and living in my own bubble.

Yesterday I got my oil change and new sticker.

adult auto automobile body
NOT MY PHOTO OR CAR.  JUST A PIC FOR YOUR PLEASURE.      Photo by Fancycrave.com on Pexels.com


Met a friend at service to help her with her computer. During conversation she asked about the iPad.

So, after discussion I went to the store with her and helped pick out the pad she needed.

The old me would have said I have things to do, after sitting there for over 2 hours in service!

But, I went! 👍

She’s coming by my work on my lunch break so I can set it up for her. I’m not sure what she did lol.

She’s an old dedicated customer of mine when I had my own tech business so I’m doing this free of charge for her 🙂

I did a small workout this morning and now getting ready to go to shaws.

Haven’t been food shopping in weeks, months.

abundance agriculture bananas batch
NOT MY PHOTO. JUST FOR YOUR PLEASURE. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have a small list of what I’m going to purchase.

Basically, almond milk, eggs, bread, meat and spinach.

Then, outside to mow the lawn with the new 80 battery I had to buy for my lawn mower.


I did get mulch and lots of it lol! Not sure what I’m going to do with it since I have NO green thumb AT ALL.


Ok, this is enough of writing down my thoughts and doings for now.

Oh, one more thing. NO jury duty for me on Monday! Yes, I was so happy when they cancelled.

Off to start my day, out of my comfort zone 💪