I slipped this evening and had 4 cigs. But for my psyche I can’t count it as starting over again. Why did I do it? Habit. Loneliness. I’m lonely. I don’t like to talk much about my personal life but there it is.

On a good note I exercised! Got my steps in! Gooaalll!!

fitbit goal


I have a stomachache because of the shitty gorge from last night; so didn’t eat all calories today.

mynet diary- Saturday
Saturday calories

Day 13

30 min workout done 💪

Fitbit 1 Saturday  morning
30 min weight training with light cardio 💪

feeling bloated this morning. Why? As I’m watching tv last night I had this over whelming urge to smoke! Ughh, I didn’t. I went to my second vice… junk food! Pint of Ben n Jerry’s ice cream with peanut mms. Yep! I did but you know what I’m def not beating myself up. Why? Because normally, A short 3 weeks ago, I would have smoked and ate that sugar shit food! So I’m doing it!!